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Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test – JNV Schools Exam Online Test Practice

JNV, chain of Indian schools admits talented children irrespective of the socio – economical background and offers a gifted education. Admission process is held through the JNVST entrance test. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools have been started all over India except in Tamilnadu. JNVST is a National level Entrance exam.

Chain of JNV schools is managed by Navodaya Vidhyalaya committee, an autonomous organization of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of secondary and higher education. All JNVS are residential schools and financed by Govt. of India and undertaken by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti ( NVS ).

Free education is given to the admitted students which includes lodging, food, uniforms and books.

wisdom24x7.com provides online practice test for JNVST 6th std Entrance and the subjects are based on the syllabus.

JNVST Class 6th Online Test Pack

Online Practice Test for JNVST 6th std 2018

More practice, More dedication and more test yield a mysterious victory.
JNVST Exam Online Practice Test Pack 2017

JNVST Class 9th Online Test Pack

Online Practice Test for JNVST 9th std 2018

Smarten your practice using JNVST Online Practice Test.
JNVST 9th Std Exam Online Practice Test Pack 2017

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9 Comments to "JNVST"

  1. I am studying for 9th class entrence exam of jnv how can i top in it please answer me in want to get admitt in jnv.

    By Prakhar sahuv@ on Jun 5,2017 a30 08:16 am

  2. sir,

    My daughter sanjana studying in 5th class. she interested to go for JNV for 6th std. she taking coaching class also. i would like to get prepared for my daughter. so i want model question papers

    By sanjana r nidoni on Jun 20,2016 a30 02:04 pm

  3. Hi Sanjana
    We provide online practice test for JNVST from which your daughter can prepare well for the entrance exam.

    By Support on Jun 21,2016 a30 05:14 pm

  4. Sir i wnt 9th clss jnv practic papr

    By vini on Apr 16,2015 a30 09:07 pm

  5. Hi Vinitha,
    We had discussion over phone and we looking forward for you reply.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Apr 17,2015 a30 11:53 am

  6. dehar sir.how to prepare navodaya 5thclass entrants exams tell me sir

    By nunavath karthik naik on Dec 14,2014 a31 03:12 am

  7. Hi Nunavath Karthik Naik,
    We provide online practice test, if u r interested in online package then kindly do free registration, place order and write your test instantly.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Dec 15,2014 a31 03:23 pm

  8. I want to prepare my cousion brother for JNVST 2015.so plz tell me the process

    By Monalisa Mallick on Sep 12,2014 a30 08:41 am

  9. Hi Monalisa Mallick,
    kindly do free registration then buy JNVST Online test pack with discount.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Sep 16,2014 a30 04:59 pm

  10. i need cd to prepare jnv exam. i am studiying in 5th class.

    By uday jadhav on Jul 21,2014 a31 08:40 pm

  11. Hi Uday Jadhav,
    Plz do free registration and buy JNVST online Practice Test Or CD

    By Support on Jul 22,2014 a31 02:13 pm

  12. Dear Sir,

    I am Masetr Mohak studiying in 5th Class in English medium .So I have very much interst to go for JNV study in 6th Class.kindly help me

    I need Books / CD to prepare JNV Exam.

    With Regards

    By Mohak.N on Jun 11,2014 a30 05:26 pm

  13. Dear Mr. Mohan :
    We offer both JNVST 6th Online & CDs. If you are interested to know more details, pls call us to 8682900900

    By Support on Jun 12,2014 a30 05:14 pm


    By nethra on Jul 5,2013 a31 08:00 pm

  15. Dear Nethra:
    With reference to the discussion, your test is activated and kindly start the test

    By Support on Jul 6,2013 a31 10:00 am

  16. dear sir,
    i would be very glad to receive the model test questions for class six 2013. i would like to get prepared for my son to go through the test for the next session. thanks

    By bikash chakma on Nov 27,2012 a30 09:45 am

  17. Dear Bikash:
    Kindly register free in our website and place your order for JNVST online practice test. We offer 10% discount for the exam.

    By Support on Nov 27,2012 a30 10:18 am

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