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SEBI Online Practice Test

The Securities & Exchange Board of India was established in 1988 and it is the REGULATOR for the Securities Market in India. SEBI is headquartered in Mumbai and has regional offices in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmadabad.

SEBI is responsible for:

  1. The issuers of securities
  2. The investors
  3. The market intermediaries

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Online Practice Test for SEBI Recruitment Exam

Simplified SEBI Online mocks saves your energy, time and sharpens your preparation, time management skills.
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  1. plz send me model answer paper for SEBI exams

    By pallavi on Feb 10,2016 at 07:27 pm

  2. Hi Pallavi,

    We offer online practice test from which you can prepare well for exam.
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  3. Sir, I am unable to login with my two mail ids as i am getting popup that it was registered already , but i have never registered. And please tell me when we purchase Question papers we will get with solutions with explanations.

    By sunil on Aug 30,2015 a31 07:54 pm

  4. Hi Sunil,
    We offer online practice test. If interested place order. You are successfully registered in our website, details regarding registration and our online practice test we sent to your mail id.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Sep 8,2015 a30 03:02 pm

  5. Sir,

    Request to kindly provide previous examination's question paper to my e-mail address.

    By ravi kumar on Aug 26,2015 a31 11:31 am

  6. Hi Ravi Kumar,
    We offer online practice test, if interested then kindly do free registration and place order. And it will get activated to your account in our website, we will not send anything to your mail id.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Aug 26,2015 a31 01:58 pm

  7. Sir ,
    Please give me previous question papers of sebi general exam...on my mail I'd.

    By savita prasad on Aug 24,2015 a31 10:43 pm

  8. Hi Savitha Prasad,
    Sorry we will not send anything to anyone's mail id. If you are interested in online practice test then kindly do free registration and place order. Your ordered test will get activated in our website in your account.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Aug 25,2015 a31 10:02 am

  9. Kindly give the model question papers for sebi

    By Barni on Apr 25,2015 a30 11:00 pm

  10. Hi Barni,
    Kindly do free registration and place order for SEBI exam online practice test.

    By GIFT Wisdom on May 2,2015 a31 12:24 pm

  11. plz give me sebi exam previous year question paper send my emailid

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  12. Hi Ganga,
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    By GIFT Wisdom on Nov 27,2014 a30 12:34 pm

  13. Please give me previous year question papers for practice.

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  14. please send me previous year question paper of sebi grade a exam at my email adsdress.

    By pricheckdiva on Sep 13,2013 a30 03:04 pm

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  17. kindly provide me last year question papers or any model paper for practice.thanks

    By divya on Sep 10,2013 a30 07:59 pm

  18. Pls give me chapter wise syllabus which help us for d prepration....

    By ut 1 & only... on Sep 2,2013 a30 10:29 pm


    By SANDHIYA R on Aug 27,2013 a31 09:06 pm

  20. i need model qustion paper

    By karthick on Aug 22,2013 a31 09:38 am

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