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Are you worried about that you are not finding time to update your General knowledge?

We are updating you by our Exclusive GK Online Practice Test Packs available for your immense online practice.

Our Online General Knowledge Practice packs help to prepare you for UPSC, SSC, NDA, CDS, PSC, SSB, Defence, CRPF, RRB, Police, Bank, IBPS RRB , IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, Railway, LIC, ESIC, Quiz

General Studies Entrance Test : “General Knowledge”, the title itself means “Common Awareness”. We move every day as fast as possible. We don’t find time even for family interaction, social calls. So, acquiring General Knowledge is being an uncommon matter to most of us.

News papers, News Bulletin are the main media for equipping General Knowledge. Since lack of time, we don’t sit and watch TV news and read News papers. But still there are some people who collect more information through Internet.

General Knowledge is useful in a social context to help people establish a common framework for social conversation. Many organizations during the Interview phase, expect a candidate with good level of general knowledge for recruitment. Most of the recruiters, Government Recruitment Exams, Bank Exams, Railway exam keep GK Paper as one of the main tests to get through.

Thus GK plays a vital role in our life for attaining knowledge and achieving career prospects.

General Studies Online Exams / Tests :

Knowing the importance of General Knowledge, WISDOM prepared a series of Online Mock Tests for GK Practice and a GK CD. Practicing more online tests and CD practice will assist the aspirants to do their real time exam easy. GK is placed as a main paper in many professional and recruitment exams.

Students those who prepare for the below exams, can attempt our tests for augmenting their practice level.

Civil Service Exam IAS, Bank P.O, Railway Recruitment Exams, N.D.A. National Defense Academy, C.D.S. Combined Defense Services, I.E.S.,

L.I.C.A.A.O., M.B.A., Income Tax, Hotel Management, Sub – Inspector of Police Exam, Assistant Grade exams, Civil Service Exam IPS, S.B.I.P.O.,

R.B.I, Section Officers, U.D.C, G.I.C.A.A.O, Central Exercise.

Our GK tests contain the following subject questions:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Art & Culture, Indian Polity, Science & Technology, Awards & Honors, Sports & Games, Books & authors etc.,

GK Online Test Pack 2013

Online Practice Test for General Knowledge Exam

Warm up your practice thru General Knowledge online mock tests.
General Knowledge Online Test Pack 2013

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  1. Hi Rauesh sonar,

    We tried to call in your no its ringing no response .Please click this link for doing registration

    By deepa s on Feb 2,2016 at 11:49 am

  2. I have applied for post of Junior Assistant Grade-3 In NMDC don't know the syllabus how to prepare and if any previous question paper available for preparation please help ?

    By anil kaushik on Jan 2,2016 a31 08:46 am

  3. Hi Anil Kaushik,
    As per your query we had discussion over phone and we looking forward for your reply.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Jan 2,2016 a31 11:20 am


    By sindhu.s on Nov 30,2015 a30 10:18 pm

  5. Hi Sindhu,
    Sorry UGC NET exam for Hindi we do not have online practice test. Paper 1 We have, if interested then kindly do free registration and place order

    By GIFT Wisdom on Dec 1,2015 a31 10:28 am

  6. Hi I am ajitesh I want test series for MPFOREST Ranger exam subjects
    2Environment science

    By Ajitesh on Oct 27,2015 a31 06:41 pm

  7. Hi Ajitesh,
    We had discussion over phone. If you are interested then kindly do free registration first then place order for MPSC exam.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Oct 28,2015 a31 09:49 am

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    By susmita on Aug 22,2015 a31 11:37 am

  9. Hi Susmitha,
    Kindly do free registration and place order.

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  10. hello every one.....iam preparing for s.s.c...i wanna write online g.k exam...plz send me to my email

    By sruthi mande on Jul 26,2015 a31 05:29 pm

  11. Hi Sruthi Mande,
    Kindly do free registration and place order for GK pack. And we will not send anything to your mail id, it will get activated in our website to your account after payment.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Jul 28,2015 a31 11:00 am

  12. i prepare for lic ado test

    By raji on Jun 19,2015 a30 09:30 am

  13. Hi Raji,
    We offer online practice test from which you can prepare well for your exam, if interested then kindly do free registration and place order.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Jun 19,2015 a30 10:27 am

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    By KARTHICK.K on Feb 2,2015 a28 11:17 am

  15. Hi Karthick,
    Kindly do free registration and buy General Knowledge online practice test and improve your knowledge by practicing.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Feb 4,2015 a28 05:54 pm

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    By Dalim sardar on Oct 11,2014 a31 01:57 pm

  17. Hi Dalim Sardar,
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    By GIFT Wisdom on Oct 13,2014 a31 10:32 am

  18. I want bel general knowledge today all post defence name with rank also Parliament members name for my written test bel exam pl send me my mail.

    By PK Selvan on Aug 13,2014 a31 09:12 pm

  19. Hi PK Selvan,
    Plz do free registration and buy General Studies online test package with discount.

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  22. Hi Jay Pandey
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  23. pls tellme how to get the test questions

    By ramdina on Mar 11,2014 a31 02:43 pm

  24. Link is not sent to mail for registration...what should i do?

    By MUKUND KUMAR MISHRA on Dec 18,2013 a31 02:12 pm

  25. sir mujhe scc oct 2013 ka all course ka pdf send gk and other

    By on Nov 8,2013 a30 03:43 pm

  26. sir i want to participate in this test plz send the test paperon my email adress

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    By sunny kumar prasad on Sep 21,2013 a30 04:34 pm

  28. Hello Everyone!

    Pls send me few previous years papers of SEBI. I have applied for SEBI Grade A Exam which is on this Sunday. Request you to please share with me. Thanks

    By Amit Panwar on Sep 13,2013 a30 01:56 pm

  29. please send me Our GK online practice test on my e mail id. As per as possible.

    By Smita Koli on Sep 5,2013 a30 10:29 pm

  30. good

    By DEEPAK KUMAR ROUL on Aug 19,2013 a31 10:07 pm

  31. sir muhja test series bhi chiya and safalta derpan bhi theeek raha gi send kar dena and message kar dena my mail id thanks

    By archana solanki on Aug 6,2013 a31 12:32 pm


    By ROHIT SHARMA on Apr 13,2013 a30 03:30 pm

  33. Hi Rohit,

    If you are interested to take a online practice test kindly place your order for the exam.

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  34. i wanna try out this gk exam

    By vinay999 on Mar 3,2013 a31 12:41 am

  35. Hi Vinay,

    You can try our GK Pack. To access the practice test is very simple now. For that register in our website & place your order for the exam.

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  39. Hi Savita,

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    By Support on Feb 2,2013 a28 05:45 pm

  40. why there is no solution for question

    By naveen on Jan 9,2013 a31 06:01 pm

  41. Hi Naveen,

    Generally, GK questions need not have explanations.

    By Support on Jan 9,2013 a31 06:03 pm

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    By usha on Jul 27,2012 a31 01:15 pm

  55. Hi Usha:
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  56. Here swan ,want Gk online pack 2012 specifically for ssc main exm.......

    By swanaulak on Jun 28,2012 a30 03:17 am

  57. Hi Swan:
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