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General English Online Practice Test 2014

No of Test : 50

No of Questions Per Test : 30 Questions

Access :Access until Dec 31, 2018

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Mode :You need a computing device and internet connection.

General English Online Practice Test 2014

  • General English 3
  • ( 50 Tests )
  • 500.00/-

  • General English 1
  • ( 15 Tests )
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    General English Online Practice Test

    Break your Hassle, Enjoy your Entrance Exam Preparation, Spend just 1 hr every day to become Master in your Dream course.

    “ English “ a word is being nightmare to many people though they possess good qualification. Some people would be good in speaking, but poor in writing whereas some people will be vice versa. How do they get struck in this Language? The obvious answer is lack of Grammar Knowledge.

    Grammar only defines any language’s beauty and how we can be strong in Grammar?. One needs more practice from basics. Where Fundamental English will be available? It is available in many forms like Books, Cds, Online.

    Our site exclusively gives Separate elegant English Online Practice test along with answers. The candidates who prepare for Entrance English, Recruitment English, Basic English Grammar, School Grammar would be benefited from these tests.

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    General English Online Practice and Mastery Exam Packages:

    50 Tests
    35 Tests
    15 Tests

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    8 Comments to "General English Online Practice Test"

    1. Ravi

      Aug 12, 2014

      i will get the good marks in online test …

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Aug 13, 2014

        Hi Ravi,
        Plz do free registration and buy General English Online test practice with discount.

    2. shravan

      Jul 23, 2015

      I already registered but not able to get free trial.

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Jul 24, 2015

        Hi Shravan,
        We had discussion over phone regarding your query, and we looking forward for your reply.

    3. mukti prasad swain

      Nov 12, 2015

      how can i use it

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Nov 12, 2015

        Hi Mukti Prasad,
        We offer online practice test. If you want to practice then kindly do free registration and place order.


      Mar 15, 2016



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    General English Online Practice Test

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