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JIPMER Online Practice Test 2016

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No of Questions Per Test : 200 Questions

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JIPMER Online Mock Test 2016

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    JIPMER 2016 Online Practice Test

    Break your Hassle, Enjoy your Entrance Exam Preparation, Spend just 1 hr every day to become Master in your Dream course.

    Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research – JIPMER 2016 Online Test Practice

    “Pondicherry”, a queen of sea – shore, owns JIPMER, a venerated Institute of Medical Science. JIPMER is one of the oldest Medical Institutes in India which was established by French Govt., It has been ranked as one of the top five medical colleges in India. JIPMER has been imparting medical training for Under & Post graduates and as a hospital, provides medicare to many patients economically.

    JIPMER conducts entrance exams to endorse the meritorious students for entry into various training programs in Medicine.

    JIPMER 2016 Entrance Exam Date : 05.06.2016

    JIPMER 2016 Mode Of Examination : ONLINE

    JIPMER 2016 Exam Time Duration : 150 Minutes

    JIPMER 2016 Total No. of questions : 200 ( FROM PCBE)

    JIPMER 2016 Exam Pattern :

    • Physics – 60 Questions
    • Chemistry – 60 Questions
    • Biology – 60 Questions
    • Logic and Quantitative Reasoning: 10 Questions
    • English and Comprehension: 10 Questions
    JIPMER 2016 Does not give NEGATIVE MARKING for wrong answers.

    JIPMER Online Mock Test :

    Success results from uncompromising hard work and practice. Becoming a Medical Professional, is a boon to serve the death threats.

    Passing out the entrance itself is a hardship crossing all hindrances. Practice only makes the aspirant to sustain the confidence.

    WISDOM helps to students by providing enough  JIPMER Medical Online Mock Tests.

    JIPMER Online Mock / Practice Test features:

    • JIPMER previous year questions are added along with clear explanation (wherever necessary) / JIPMER solved answers
    • JIPMER frequently asked questions are included in JIPMER  Online Practice Test / Exam Pack
    • JIPMER sample papers /JIPMER Model questions / JIPMER Old question papers are given as Trial Test for free Online Practice
    • JIPMER  Online Mock test series are given for Online Practice
    • JIPMER  Online Trial Exams are provided as free.

    Subjects for JIPMER Online Medical Practice Test :

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • English

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    41 Comments to "JIPMER 2016 Online Practice Test"


      Apr 19, 2012

      to join in online exam

      • Support

        Apr 23, 2012

        Hai soundarya:
        Medical online practice tests are available in both free and paid patterns. You may start your online practice.
        And our Medical Online practice tests are suitable for all National And State level Medical Entrance exams.


      Mar 10, 2013

      i want to take free online test for jipmer mbbs.

      • Support

        Mar 11, 2013

        Hi Priyanka,

        We provide online practice test at very lowest cost only. All questions have fully evaluated solutions. That will help you to get good marks in your exam.


      Mar 16, 2013

      where do i get practise papers for jipmer?

      • Support

        Mar 18, 2013

        Hi Priyanka,

        We provide online practice test for JIPMER medical entrance exam.

    4. sahanaa.r

      Mar 28, 2013

      mention some study materials for entrance exam preparation

      • Support

        Mar 30, 2013

        Hi Sahana,

        We provide online practice test for JIPMER exam, if you are interested kindly place your order for the exam.

        • SK.Momisha

          Nov 21, 2014

          I am very interested for the JIPMER,Manipal and Amu medical entrance I want to purchase the question previous preparation if you have any question please contact with us.My contract NO. 9674008362.

          • GIFT Wisdom

            Nov 27, 2014

            Hi Momisha,
            Kindly do free registration and buy JIPMER online practice test with discount.


      Apr 27, 2013

      mam..where did i bought jipmer practise test to prepare my entrance exam?

      • Support

        Apr 29, 2013

        Hi Sreelakshmi,

        JIPMER online practice test is available very much. Click Buy Now, to purchase the test. If you have any questions kindly contact us at 8682900900.


      May 11, 2013


      • Support

        May 14, 2013

        Hi Ankush,

        We are providing JIPMER online practice test. If you are interested kindly register first and then place your order for the exam.

    7. kavipriya.R

      Jun 1, 2013

      sir,i need jipmer model question papers which are held previous year through online.kindly help me sir.please……

      • Support

        Jun 1, 2013

        Hi Kavipriya,

        We are providing JIPMER Previous year papers 2008-2012 through online practice test. For further details kindly contact us at 8682900900.

    8. Shri

      Nov 15, 2013

      How do i apply for it?There is option for buying books….but no registration option for online tests. Moreover I need to know how many tests hv already been conducted.kindly reply.

    9. shivashankari

      Dec 25, 2013

      what are the syllabes to be covered.for jipmer entrance exam?

      • Support

        Dec 25, 2013

        Hi Shivashankari:
        We provide JIPMER Online Practice Test at discount price. You are requested to register free and try free JIPMER Trial

    10. bhuvana

      Apr 10, 2014

      sir i want jipmer online model question paper for practise please kindly help me

      • Support

        Apr 15, 2014

        Hi Bhuvana:
        JIPMER 2014 Online practice test is available at discount, you may register free and place the order.

    11. swati

      May 18, 2014

      Goodmorning sir,i want jipmer mocktest previous papers

      • Support

        Jun 6, 2014

        Hi Swati :
        We offer JIPMER Subject wise practice, JIPMER Mock test which is the compilation of JIPMER solved Papers, JIPMER Previous year papers. You may buy it with discounts.

    12. anusuiya

      Jun 3, 2014

      I need model online question papers for practise

      • Support

        Jun 6, 2014

        Hi Anusuiya :
        We offer JIPMER Online Practice Test which is available at discount, you may register free and buy the test.

    13. shankar

      Jun 6, 2014

      I want to get practice for jipmer online test so please give some free links to do that

      • Support

        Jun 6, 2014

        Hi shankar:
        We offer JIPMER Online Practice Test and it is paid. Free trial is there with limited questions and subjects.

    14. SK.Momisha

      Dec 22, 2014

      I want to medical entrance for Jipmer & Monipal test, so how get to general english with biology question papers.Let me know How to payment in hard cash/bank . Please immediate send to my E-Mail in your concern and therefore, I request I could get the above papers. Thankyou.

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Dec 24, 2014

        Hi SK Momisha,
        We tried to contact you through your given contact number but dint get any proper response. If u r interested in online practice test then kindly do free registration and place order.

    15. swetha

      May 11, 2015

      sir,may i have some model papers on jipmer please

      • GIFT Wisdom

        May 12, 2015

        Hi Swetha,
        Kindly do free registration and place order for JIPMER Entrance exam.

    16. dikshika

      May 14, 2015

      how i prepare best for this exam. is there any free online test series of jipmer

      • GIFT Wisdom

        May 14, 2015

        Hi Dikshika,
        We provide online practice test form which you can prepare well for exam. If interested, then kindly do free registration and place order, once your payment received by us next second itself your paid test practice will get activated.

    17. sahaja

      May 15, 2015

      The upcoming jipmer exam is in three weeks…can u provide me with more mock tests rather than subject wise tests…Please do reply

      • GIFT Wisdom

        May 15, 2015

        Hi Sahaja,
        Sorry we have only subject wise practice test and two mock test. If interested place order.

    18. sandhya

      May 24, 2015

      i want jipmer online mocktests

      • GIFT Wisdom

        May 27, 2015

        Hi Sandhya,
        Kindly do free registration and buy JIMPER exam online practice test.

    19. Monisha

      Jun 6, 2015

      Where i want do the jipmer online model entrance exam

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Jun 10, 2015

        Hi Monisha,
        Kindly do free registration and place order.

    20. manisha k

      Jul 11, 2015

      sir i want mock tests of english and quantitative but only biology,physics and chemistry and here plz tell me how to get it

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Jul 13, 2015

        Hi Manisha,
        We offer online practice test.Kindly do free registration and place order.


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