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India, being a diverse country, more people migrate from several countries around the world. India has become the most popular tourist destination for its good culture, ancient temples, conservative and humane people. India’s significance is “Hospitality”. This feature helped for a tremendous growth of Hospitality Industry for the past decades.

Hospitality Industry offers exciting and challenging opportunities for the aspirants and now-a-days, a lot of students are passionate for hiring a Hotel Management degree / diploma from the Home land, India. Hospitality and hotel management courses are offered by several colleges and institutions in India. These courses equip students with the skills necessary in running a business class hotel.

A job in Hotel Industry is making people comfortable and happy. This rewarding career provides immense satisfaction and a decent package. There is a high demand for trained manpower in this industry. Many start hotels recruit trained staffs for their service.

A Hospitality Industry student and employee should have an outgoing attitude, hard work capacity, willing to interact with common people. Should be capable of tackling worst situations during any crisis, committed, disciplined, and dedicated. Here we see the NCHMCT JEE Online Practice Test, a glimpse.

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Online Practice Test for NCHMCT JEE Exam

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Hotel Management JEE Online Practice Test Pack 2015

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