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CA ( Charted Accountancy ) is a Professional Accounting course. To pursue CA, one has to complete CPT ( Common Proficiency Test ) which is considered as the first level for CA.

CPT is conducted twice a year, in the months of June and December.

CPT is conducted for 4 hrs with two sessions. Each session will have 2 hrs with 100 marks. 0.25 will be deducted for wrong answering as Negative mark.

The examination is MCQ type and 50% is required to clear CPT. Once CPT is cleared, the candidate has to register for IPCC which is the next step.

The syllabus for Chartered Accountant Common Proficiency Test ( CA CPT ) comprises of basic knowledge in Fundamental of Accounting, Mercantile law, General economics and Quantitative aptitude. Mode of the examination is Paper based.

Spend your time on each subjects based on the Weightage in the exam where Law has the least and Accountancy has maximum.

CA CPT online practice tests are offered by to customize your CPT preparation. Along with your regular preparation, our mocks help to save your time, energy and money by affording simplified quality tests.

      CA CPT Online Mock / Practice Test features:

  • CA CPT  previous year questions are added along with clear explanation (wherever necessary) / CA CPT  solved answers / CA CPT  solved question papers
  • CA CPT  frequently asked questions are included in CA CPT  Online Practice Test / CA CPT  Exam Pack
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  • CA CPT  Online Mock test series are given for Online Practice
  • CA CPT  free Online Trial tests / CA CPT  free online mock tests / CA CPT  free online practice tests are provided.

CA CPT Online Test Pack 2015

Online Practice Test for CA CPT Exam

Make your CA CPT preparation easy by our online mock practice tests
CA CPT Entrance Online Test Pack 2015

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  1. please please give me guidance for prepare ca

    By thinley norbu on Sep 21,2015 a30 11:59 pm

  2. We Thinley Norbu,
    We offer online practice test, if interested then kindly do free registration and place order.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Sep 23,2015 a30 12:35 pm

  3. hey
    i want online test paper for pratice with answer for CA CPT entrance

    By jeeni on May 24,2015 a31 12:42 am

  4. Hi Jenni,
    We have online practice test for CA CPT exam if interested then kindly do free registration and place order.

    By GIFT Wisdom on May 27,2015 a31 12:03 pm

  5. hii, i want to gave exams of ca cpt, please provide the link.

    By mahto avinash on Mar 22,2015 a31 07:12 pm

  6. Hi Mahto Avinash :

    Please do free registration and take your CA CPT online free practice test for 2015. If you want to practice more questions please place your order and access CA CPT online test instantly.

    By Support on Mar 30,2015 a31 03:57 pm

  7. hi i want to the ca cpt entrance exam prefer online pls provide the link

    thanks and regard

    rahul samedia

    By rahul on Jan 5,2015 a31 05:21 pm

  8. Hi Rahul,
    Kindly do free registration and buy CA CPT online practice test with discount.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Jan 9,2015 a31 03:12 pm

  9. plz contect me

    By Arun kumar on Dec 17,2014 a31 10:13 am

  10. Hi Arun,
    We provide online practice test, if u r interested then kindly do free registration, place order and write your test instantly.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Dec 18,2014 a31 03:45 pm

  11. am mahendar plz send link for online practice ca cpt mocktest

    By mahendarreddy on Dec 8,2014 a31 10:40 am

  12. Hi Mahendar Reddy,
    Kindly do free registration and buy CA CPT online practice test with discount.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Dec 8,2014 a31 05:00 pm

  13. Hi,
    I want CA IPPc entrance exam online practice test .
    pls provide link for this.

    Thanks and Regards

    By kavitha.d on Sep 16,2014 a30 02:44 pm

  14. Hi kavitha,
    Kindly do free registration and buy CA CPT online practice test with discount

    By GIFT Wisdom on Sep 24,2014 a30 11:53 am

  15. i like to learn cpt in your website

    By raja pradeep on Jun 20,2014 a30 02:50 pm

  16. Hi Raj Pradeep:

    If you are interested to practice thru online for CA CPT, then register free place the order and write your test.

    By Support on Jun 20,2014 a30 06:25 pm

  17. hi
    may i knw hw to get these online test done

    By priya on Jan 21,2014 a31 07:50 pm

  18. Hi Priya:
    You are requested to activate the activation link sent to your email id, CA CPT Online practice tests are available with discount

    By Support on Jan 22,2014 a31 09:27 am

  19. I am vikas kumar and i want to appear the CPT exam but I have no more information about cpt so please give guidelines about CPT and its sllaybas

    By vikas kumar on Dec 22,2013 a31 08:37 pm

  20. Hi Vikas Kumar:
    We avail CA CPT Online Practice Test, You are requested to register free in our website, try free trial.

    By Support on Dec 23,2013 a31 11:12 am

  21. how to prepare the cpt exam. important chapter in fundamendal accounts, aptitude. general economics, mercantntile law plese tell me.

    By Radhika on Nov 14,2013 a30 12:12 pm

  22. i am interest to study cpt exam online test through on line test mock test -subject account and ecnomics and appitude test maths

    By madhumathi on Sep 17,2013 a30 03:14 pm

  23. How to study and prepare for CA CPT Exam? Please guide me.

    By Gaurav Ghode on Jun 28,2013 a30 11:48 am

  24. Dear Gaurav

    CA CPT online practice are available with us and we offer discount. kindly register in our website free and place your order for CA CPT online test.

    By Support on Jun 28,2013 a30 01:01 pm

  25. i am going to appear for cpt exam please guide me how to study and prepare for exam

    By shobhit jain on Jun 26,2013 a30 10:13 am

  26. Dear Shobhit:
    With reference to our telecon, kindly place your order for CA CPT, we offer discount

    By Support on Jun 26,2013 a30 12:06 pm

  27. how can i practice this test online

    By venugopal on Apr 13,2013 a30 12:25 pm

  28. Hi Venugopal,

    Once your order was confirmed, we activate your test immediately then you can start your test through online.

    By Support on Apr 13,2013 a30 12:29 pm

  29. How can i online practice cpt

    By Khasnur rohman on Apr 10,2013 a30 12:50 pm

  30. Hi Khasnur rohman,

    Kindly register first in our website then place your order for the exam. If you have any queries kindly contact us.

    By Support on Apr 10,2013 a30 03:45 pm


    By Y SATHYA SRAVANI on Apr 4,2013 a30 08:53 pm

  32. Hi Sathya,

    You can try our trial test..but in trial test less no.of questions only there. If you want to practice more questions means kindly place your order for the exam.

    By Support on Apr 5,2013 a30 11:17 am

  33. is it necessary to place d order can't we go on to d test widout purchasing..

    By nsnehasoni on Mar 29,2013 a31 07:38 pm

  34. Hi nsnehasoni,

    It is necessary to place the order for the exam. Then only your test will be activated.

    By Support on Mar 30,2013 a31 01:27 pm

  35. can i do free practice exam ?

    By priyanka sharma on Mar 24,2013 a31 02:00 pm

  36. Hi Priyanka,

    You can do the trial exam without any cost.

    By Support on Mar 26,2013 a31 12:08 pm

  37. i just like to wrote this test

    By harini on Mar 16,2013 a31 11:06 am

  38. Hi Harini,

    Online practice test for CA CPT is available. More than 1500 questions are there... Previous year questions also updated... If you are interested kindly place your order for the exam or contact us.

    By Support on Mar 16,2013 a31 11:53 am

  39. can u help me to get details of registration of ca-cpt??

    By shashikala on Jan 25,2013 a31 02:00 pm

  40. Hi Shashikala,

    To know more details about CA CPT Exam, please visit the webpage

    By Support on Jan 25,2013 a31 02:04 pm

  41. can i have online test practice for cpt december 2012

    By shweta chaturvedi on Sep 17,2012 a30 07:05 pm

  42. Dear Shweta:
    Kindly place your order for CA CPT online practice test which is available in our website. Please do register, take trial and place your order to get 10% discount

    By Support on Sep 18,2012 a30 04:22 pm

  43. if there is any online entrance test in september 2012

    By raviteja on Jul 25,2012 a31 02:13 pm

  44. Hi Raviteja:
    By last June only the first session was over and CA CPT 2nd session will be conducted by December 2012. We provide online practice test for CA CPT at 15% discount

    By Support on Jul 25,2012 a31 02:25 pm

  45. i m crazy abt this test i have to give this test

    By nilesh on Jul 20,2012 a31 06:41 pm

  46. Hi Nilesh:
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